In the country of origin, Portocannone, that country that Laura loved and in that house where her grandparents welcomed her with open arms and with so much love during the Chernobil period to make sure that the little girl born in the North-East of Italy could eat food uncontaminated and breathe good air ..

Every day she waited for his grandfather's arrival on the orange Fiat tractor, coming from the countryside full of goodness just picked up and ready to be transformed into lunch or dinner by her grandmother Anna.

Laura loved that tractor, the smell of the engine that filled the garage, in 2015 brought her back in time, to those unforgettable moments when her grandfather arrived and with eyes full of joy took her for a ride around the neighborhood before store the tractor at rest.

That tractor is now the fulcrum of the Fattoria il Bell Casolino and Laura could touch an old dream abandoned in the drawer. Open a Biodiversity Educational Farm., A "garden" of goodness based on the olive groves of her grandfather and on the spontaneous medicinal and aromatic herbs that the Molise land has to offers.


The project of the "Fattoria il Bell Casolino" focuses on the will to produce healthy, good and natural foods without taking anything away from the Earth, but rather restoring to it all the richness it gives us.

Laura and her husband Douglas based the Fattoria Bell Casolino in two areas of Molise:

-The first among the lands of Lauras grandfather Antonio, immersed in the territory of coastal hills of Portocannone, area of great tradition in the production of olive oil with the presence of ancient olive groves of native species "GENTILE DI LARINO " still well cultivated;

-The second one in a flat area and not far from sea and from the area of the Mediterranean "Le Fantine" of Campomarino.

The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, with and DOP Molise Certification, is a bit 'the center of the products offered by them and is the basis of many preparations such as oils flavored with many varieties of chili and other essences..

The essences in fact, a varied range of aromatic and officinal plants, aloe, tarragon, lavender, rosemary, sage, oregano and others, grown in combination with each other and with vegetables, peppers, pumpkins, aubergines, tomatoes .... All productions, strictly organic, from which the Fattoria Bell Casolino produces sauces, pickles, jams, prepared from the freshly harvested product to preserve the freshness and nutritional richness to the maximum degree.

All crops are treated by hand without chemicals nor pesticides. Quality comes before quantity.