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Flavored Olive Oil

Particular attention is also dedicated to the production of Condiments with Chilli Peppers, based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil to maintain the high quality of the product line.As in the production of jams, the Fattoria Bell Casolino follows the Scoville scale to meet the needs of every palate.

The chili plants are grown starting from seed, strictly Organic. Choosing among the best peppers, the harvest is performed at the right time to bring them immediately to processing. The chillies are cold pressed together with the olives, creating an innovative and special product.

From the Satans Kiss (among the least spicy) to the Trinidad Scorpion (among the hottest) to the Carolina Ripper that will be introduced in the production. with the upcoming season 2018/2019.

The Jalapeno and the Scotch Bonnet can not be fotgotten are the most requested.The condiments are ideal to give an extra touch to all dishes, from appetizers to side and second dishes.

The different colors of Condiments are excellent for decorating and bringing to the table the elegance of Amphora.

Flavored Olive Oil

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