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Flavored Vinegar

The vinegars flavored with herbs and flowers from the farm Fattoria il Bell Casolino are the ingredient for the best recipes, are a must in the kitchen!

All aromatic herbs are grown exclusively organically.

Starting from the seed up to the plant that gives its most beautiful twigs, leaves and flowers given care to all of it and collected by hand, to ensure the best choice.
Vinegars for every taste and dish. from the most delicate to the most pungent. Excellent for flavoring salads and all kinds of meat and cooking.

The flavored vinegars are based on white wine vinegar with 6% acidity.
Flavored with herbs and freshly picked flowers to maintain the freshness of it and give the full flavor to the vinegar.

The flowers add a touch of sweetness that creates a lovely and tasty vinegar.

A varied line for every palate and dish to serve in the elegant AMPHORA.

A secret ingredient that can not be missed.

The whole line of "Fattoria il Bell Casolino" flavored vinegars is a special and an elegant advantage to show off in the kitchen and to introduce into recipes to give an extra flavor that will leave everyone speechless.

Every seasone is different, so wait for new product of our line !

Flavored Vinegar

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