Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taste our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Molise DOP in your favorite dishes. A full and round flavor that matches all dishes, leaving the true taste of the quality olives of a single species of olive tree, the "Gentile di Larino". Bring the specialty and rarity to your table!

The focuse of the Fattoria Bell Casolino is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Certified DOP MOLISE.

The seculary olive trees have been managed by the Casolino family for about 200 years.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Fattoria Bell Casolino is pressed with hand-harvested olives chosen among the best of a single variety of plants, the GENTILE DI LARINO, a native variety of the area.

Maintaining the correct temperature from harvest to bottling in order not to alter the product and its characteristics.

This mono-variety oil presents a medium fruity with notes of artichoke, lettuce and cut grass, with a perfect balance between bitter and spicy.

In short, a divine variety for use raw on fish, meat, soups and salads. The extra-virgin olive oil, with DOP Molise certification is an olive oil of superior category obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical procedures.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Molise Dop is sold in two different packs, one in combination with the other: the confortable Bag in a Box and the elegant Anphora.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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