Discover our jams, spiciness and taste for every palate. Excellent to accompany appetizers and main courses. A tasty elegance  that can not miss on your table!

The Chillie Jams of the Fattoria il Bell Casolino are prepared by steaming to preserve the freshness and the flavors of the peppers and herbs.

They do not contain allergens or preservatives or dyes.

The fruits are picked by hand from the plants grown in the Fattoria Bell Casolino, carefully grown from the seed in total BIO cultivation, choosing the fruits among the best.

They are ideal to accompany cheeses from the least to the most seasoned, depending on the taste.

Excellent for flavoring meat and fish giving a sweet and sour taste with a spicy from pleasant to strong.

Also to enrich the fruit desserts by presenting a colorful and original dish on the table.

The choice goes from the least to the most spicy.
The Fattoria Bell Casolino follows the Scoville scale to serve every palate from the most delicate to the strongest.


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